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Experience Paradise

With Island Vibe Premium Cocktail Mix

About Us

Bringing the Island Vibe to You

For decades, our passion has been bringing the experience of the tropics everywhere we go.  We believe that ocean air in your lungs, the warmth of sun on your skin, and the feeling of your toes in the sand should be available at the simple twist of a bottle cap.

We have hand-crafted Island Vibe Premium Cocktail Mix to bring the life of the tropics to your bar, your restaurant, your home, or your friends house! 

Grab some ice and your favorite spirit and join us in paradise!

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Island Vibe Premium Cocktail Mix

Island Vibe cocktail mix combines the food, people, and tropic vibes of the islands. The sound of the island drums, the view of the sun setting over the horizon; waves crashing on the sand, and a warm breeze blowing through the swaying trees. 

Paradise, so close you can taste it! Combine 2 parts Island Vibe cocktail mix with 1 part rum or spirit of your choice. Pour over ice, stir or blend.

  • Non Alcoholic

  • Only 80 calories per serving

  • All Natural ingredients

  • No high-fructose corn syrup

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